New CPAP generator with monitor

High flow monitor-generator with turbine for helmets and masks

New CPAP generator with monitor

May 25, 2022 0
For a good CPAP with helmets, we know we need high flows (at least 40-50 l/min), therefore usually “venturi effect” generators are used (e.g. the Harol 9293/d generator); these easy to use devices have the limitation of relying on empirical tables to set FiO2 and flows.

The Covid pandemic has stimulated companies to develop new products and devices for CPAP. The BIORESPIRA monitor-generator designed and produced by the Italian IBD is very interesting and allows you to generate high flows and set and monitor flows, PEEP and FiO2. Harol collaborates in the distribution of the new device and supplies the consumables compatible with the new monitor.

BIORESPIRA is a high flow generator with turbine capable of generating high flows up to 120 l/min with a 10 “touch screen multi-parameter monitor

  • Ventilation flux from 5 to 120 l/min
  • O2 from 21% to 100%, compatible with oxygen cylinder or wall connections
  • Patient’s PEEP pressure (cmH2O)
  • Oxygen Saturation SpO2%
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Respiratory rate (bpm)

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