Prof. Bellani interview about CPAP Helmets

Aurika Savickaite interviews the doctor in Milan about his big experience with helmets

Prof. Bellani interview about CPAP Helmets

January 21, 2022 0

Useful tips for those starting to use CPAP helmets

Interview on the CPAP taken from website

Prof. Bellani said:

“helmet is good when you don’t have the possibility to treat patients closely,”

“Helmets are relatively easy to use with CPAP. You just need to have a good flow, and the PEEP valve will do the rest. I think that’s the key point to helmets. You drop the level of nursing assistance … that you have to provide to the patient”

“A weakness of helmets is monitoring the helmet itself. Patients themselves are monitored, and if the helmet is disconnected from the airflow, there’s an anti-suffocation valve. The good news is that no patients have died from helmet failure to his knowledge.”


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