CPAP monitoring with helmet

New "PEEP-ALERT" monitor to measure flow and PEEP during CPAP therapy with helmet.

CPAP monitoring with helmet

June 18, 2021 0

No more “blind” CPAP with helmet  … with the new compact “PEEP-ALERT” monitor


The “PEEP-ALERT” monitor allows to measure (with audible alarms and settable limits) the flow and PEEP during CPAP therapy with helmet.

A battery-powered device, easy to use, compact (11 cm long) and lightweight (only 85 g).

   FLOW:  from 25 to 150 LPM with accuracy ± 10%

   PEEP:  from 0 to 30 cmH2O with accuracy ± 5%




Perform CPAP therapies safely, thanks to alarms that notify staff in the event of a flow interruption or obstruction of the exhalation valve.

– Continuously monitor positive pressure therapy, increasing confidence that delivered PEEP matches target.

Ensure adequate fresh gas flow to the patient and awareness of the use of gas supplies


Authorized by the FDA for Emergency Use (EUA) and by Health Canada for COVID-19 Interim Order.



Pending the CE marking for sale in EUROPE, we are looking for doctors to help us evaluate its potential and any improvements.

We invite those wishing to view it and try it to fill out the request at this link to make an appointment.

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