Flow Generator in CPAP Therapy

Venturi effect flow generator developed by Harol for CPAP masks and helmets.

Flow Generator in CPAP Therapy

January 15, 2021 0
Generator with Venturi effect
For a proper CPAP therapy with the helmet, flows of air/oxygen of at least 40-50 L/min are needed.
These are therefore Venturi-effect flow generators such as the 9293/D developed and produced by Harol capable of delivering high flows up to 180 L/min and to adjust FiO2 from 30% to 100%.
An easy to use device even outside intensive care (ex. Pneumology, generic medicine and CICU).
It can be used with ALL models of both HELMETS and MASKS for CPAP therapy.
It does not have electric/electronic parts; therefore, it is very safe.

> HAROL Product code: 9293/D

> FLOW/FiO2 value TABLE

Venturi-effect                                 venturi flow generator 9293d

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