KIT for CPAP in mask with filter

KIT for CPAP therapy in mask, simple and cheap, with filter on the breath exhaled.

KIT for CPAP in mask with filter

November 26, 2020 0

Specific for COVID departments, HAROL offers a mask kit for CPAP therapy, simple and cheap,  with FILTER on the exhaled breath:

  • Transparent with inflatable cushion in soft material, equipped with a valve for regulating inflation.
  • Equipped with inhalation and exhalation valves for connecting the PEEP valve and the flow delivery tube.
  • Equipped with an anti-suffocation valve that allows the patient, in case of lack of flow, to inhale ambient air.
  • ISO 22 M and F connectors for connecting antibacterial filters without the need of any adapter.


HAROL offers a mask CPAP KIT complete with:
– mask
– ventilation tube
– adjustable PEEP valve (from 0 to 20 mmHg)
– antibacterial filter

On request we can supply customized KIT  with headgear fixing device

3 sizes available:
S- M/L – XL

For good CPAP therapy, the KIT must be connected to the flow generator HAROL 9293/D

Download the CPAP mask brochure.

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