CPAP Therapy during Covid-19 Emergency

Lombardy Region purchases CPAP and NIV HELMETS for coronavirus victims.

CPAP Therapy during Covid-19 Emergency

March 3, 2020 0

COVID-19 NEWS Lombardy Region

they are the therapeutic barrier to save the critical wards from the crisis, the last trench to defend the operation of Lombardy hospitals. The councilor, Giulio Gallera, announced that are being purchased for Covid-19 victims who have lungs problems, but can be assisted without intubation. They are easy to use devices, therefor they do not require specialized personnel, and they are portable: and emergency solution to cope with the rising number of patients with breathing difficulties without saturating the intensive care units.”
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Harol is working to meet the demands of the various ASST (Local Social Health Company), increasing production (helmets and flow generators) to set up the new departments with staggered deliveries based on the criticality level in Lombardy and other regions.


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