Harp Therapy

Music through this harmonious instrument, the harp, comes to give well-being.

Harp Therapy

May 12, 2019 0
Our mission is the well-being and the health of our patients, which are achievable, of course, through devices, medicines, excellent people such as doctors and health professionals, but also through methods that touch our patients’ mind and soul and help them perceive a sense of well-being which keeps them fighting their war. We believe in Harp Therapy.
Music, through this harmonious instrument, the harp, but most of all its vibrations, come to donate well-being.
This technique, developed about 20 years ago, bases its foundation in the study of different melodies applicable to all the activities that have something to do with one’s well-being. In our case, the choice is directed to the patients that are hospitalized, especially in highly critical wards, where the vibrations of the instrument can lead to the patient, absorbing the vibration, improving both his cardiac and brain parameters. If you believe like us and believe in overall personal healing, work with us to realize this project in your ward and to confirm that Italian health care can be of excellence.

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